Custom cooking stoves

„He has never seen such a thing. Cooking was in his heart as the most important thing. He was touching, watching, and analysing. And with an open heart he screamed - this is it!”
Monoblock kitchens - what are these? What are their features, and their benefits?

Custom cooking stoves are equipped with a top made of one piece of stainless steel. In traditional kitchen ranges where the appliances stand next to each other, or on different stands, to clean the whole range one needs to decompose everything into single appliance. In the case of monoblock stoves this situation does not happen, as all the appliances are built-in, or welded. So while one spills out something on a top, one simply needs to wipe it, and nothing will get into a stove.

Uniform tops give greater flexibility at work. In traditional kitchen ranges, there are splices, rims etc. what obliged a cook to put all the pots in a proper place - onto a neutral elements. In our custom cooking stoves, we use every square centimetre to create the most practical kitchen range.

Perfect matching
Retorta stoves are custom made so they may be adapted to every dimension. The minimum depth of the unit is 800 mm. In the case of traditional kitchen ranges, assuming that the most popular depth is 700 mm, a ranges of two different modules is 1400 mm deep. And what in a situation while there is not enough place for it? In the case of Retorta stoves it does not matter. We can create every size of a kitchen according to our customer needs. All of the cabinets, drawers, and shelves are matched to the needs of a cook as all of them are made according to an individual project.

Each Retorta is created according to an individual project that both meets the needs of a chef and makes his dreams come true. A wide range of equipment such as gas cooker, induction cooker, ceramic hob, fry top, deep fryer, steak grill, pasta cooker or drawer, together with different forms and shapes of a stove makes our kitchens perfectly tailored to people who will work on the stove.

This is the last, but not least feature of out custom made kitchens. Retorta stoves are available in four different lines: Gastro, Classic, Modern, and Home. Each line has different characteristics which allow a customer to adjust a stove to his or her preferences as well as to a space where a stove will be located. Retorta stoves may be made of stainless steel, stone, wood, or RAL painted.

A full range of accessories, and complementary equipment let us provide our customers with superb piece of furniture which is perfect in every detail.